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Choosing a Commercial Construction Company | Barker Kapelle Construction LLC

All building projects require considerable expense and planning, especially if they are of the commercial type. There are several stages into which to organize a construction project, you have to choose the site and make building plans based on what purpose you want to use it for. Once the architectural designs are approved, you will have to encounter a lot of paperwork and red tape to obtain planning and building permits, following which you will have to recruit a commercial construction company to carry out the actual task of building.


You could assign the entire task to a project management company who will either have their own team of architects, finance planners and construction workers work on them or outsource it to ancillary companies. Optionally, you could also handle each stage of the project planning yourself and hire people you think are best suited at each task. However, this would mean that you will have to be more deeply involved in each aspect, which will have demands on your time and energy.


Usually your architects may be to make recommendations about choosing a commercial construction company as they may themselves be associated with such businesses or work on freelance basis with them. Since they are more involved in the industry, they will be better aware of which companies provide quality work and it would be advisable to check out their suggestions. However, if you are recruiting from scratch and without much help, here are some tips to guide you in choosing the right construction company for your project. You are likely to be investing a lot of money into a building project and you want to make sure you choose wisely so that you get your money’s worth.


If you are looking around to hire a construction company, there will probably be many to choose from in your area. A simple Google search will churn out several results, not to mention the business cards and recommendations that will drop in when word gets out. Doing a little background research on the various companies and comparing the quotes they offer is the first thing you should do, especially if you got the information first hand.


It is usually a good policy to be wary of quotes that are exceptionally low. If you have been in the business long enough, you will have an idea of what the building materials and fair wages for the workers will cost you eventually. Even if you don’t, your project manager has probably put well researched estimates of these accounts into the budget planning. Base your judgment on these figures; if the price they are asking seems impossibly low, chances are that they intend to be cutting corners. However, a ridiculously low quote does not always mean that they are upto something fishy, they could also be a new company trying to get a toehold in the construction business in your area and thus discounting their first few deals.


One way to clarify and judge offers is to find any previous clients or clientele portfolio on the companies’ websites and read their testimonials about the company’s work and their experience with the team. Pay special attention to mentions of whether the company delivered their work on time and on budget and choose accordingly.


When you have selected the few best offers and shortlisted some potential companies, be sure to discuss all the details of the project in depth with and ask them any further questions or doubts you may have on the initial quote they offered. Make sure that they consider any additional costs they may incur in order to meet any specific aspects of your project.


This is a good time to negotiate the deal and decide on a final quote that is agreeable to both companies. Being the one with business to offer gives you an upper hand, you can get a better deal by threatening to take your money to their competitors. However, be realistic in your demands so as to not compromise on quality. When you have finalized the terms that you are both happy with, have your legal team ensure that the contract you draft clearly outlines the outcomes expected of the project and insists upon maintaining transparency in expenses incurred. Otherwise, you might end up with a substandard piece of work or be stuck with hidden surcharges at the end of the construction process. Even so, be prepared to access buffer funds just in case; it is not unheard of large scale building costs to go over the estimated budget by at least 10%.


While you are running checks on the company, be sure to find out if the owner of the construction company and the foreman of the building crew assigned o your project have adequate knowledge about the area’s rules and regulations for building commercial properties. This is because it may happen that the builders might have to make slight alterations to the approved designs. If they do, it is their responsibility to ensure that these alterations adhere to all the local legislations and that the completed construction will pass all regulatory checklists. If you stay sharp and be mindful of these few points, you should be able to select a construction company well suited to your building needs.

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Construction and the Environment: Green Building

Ever since we have read how the increase in construction and industrialization has caused deforestation. One of the leading causes for the receding forest covers is the overuse of forest products and felling off trees to use or make way for construction.  There is a growing need for corporations to accept social and environmental responsibility and focus on reducing risk to the environment. They need to adopt environment friendly construction practices, or green building, as it is more popularly known, to minimize the adverse impact of construction on the environment and to encourage attempts to remedy the damage already done by previous activities. Here are some ways to improve our construction habits and reduce our dependence on nature.

One of the biggest ways to impact the environment is to minimize our dependence on electricity and fossil fuels as energy sources. Instead, we should rely more on renewable sources such as obtained via solar panels and wind turbine to supplement our energy needs. This not only provides clean methods of obtaining energy, but is also cost effective and easier to maintain in the long run. Another effective way to have minimum energy consumption is by creating designs that maximize use of day lighting in buildings instead of relying on electric lighting for 24 hours.


There are many competent substitutes available in the construction market for timber. Hard plastic, metal alloy and glass are preferable as a replacement in making furniture and other interior designs, not only because they are more sturdy and resistant than wood, but also because they can be made into any form and shape to create designs to fit the interior décor. There are options to use cement and laminate paint or tiles instead of hard wood for floors that are equally aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. In cases where use of timber is necessary, one may opt to use the fast growing species like bamboo and softwoods that are grown in controlled plantations instead of the rare and deciduous trees from the forests. Discarded timber waste such as saw dust, wood shavings, crate wood etc. can be recycled to be used as timber replacements.


Project management must explore new ways to reduce wastage of water and reuse it on a building site during and also after construction.  They must also make provisions to harvest rainwater and other kinds of precipitation into reservoirs and tanks for use in the buildings to supplement their water sources. Buildings could be equipped to reuse some of the waste water and build in mechanisms such as pressure control valves, low flush cisterns etc. that will help reduce unnecessary wastage of water. In order to let new construction works not affect the local water table in an area, construction projects should use porous materials in parking and general surfaces to allow precipitated water to percolate through the soil and accumulate below.


Earth moving activities during construction works deeply disturb the natural flora and soil composition and fertility of the area. Not only should these activities be reduced to the required minimum, it should also be followed up by replanting campaigns in the surrounding waste land areas and within. Incorporation of gardening and green roofs could be done at various levels of a building and grey water run offs could be used to water these patches.


All buildings must have a suitable recycling and waste disposal system. Waste should be sorted before disposal and measures must be taken so that biodegradable waste can be used to produce bio-fertilizers and bio-fuels. All construction projects should be highly environmental conscious when selecting site locations. Constructing in environmentally fragile areas such as water catchment areas or biodiversity rich areas should be avoided. Instead, one could look to rehabilitate fallow land such as mine fields and hard ground areas.


These and many such conservation measures incorporated into construction practices will help balance human need for resources without compromising the environment. Granted that the initial cost of environment friendly construction may be more expensive upfront, but in the long run it makes for cost-effective maintenance and operation. Besides, the beneficial impact of creating a sustainable environment cannot be compensated by financial gains.


However, green construction require a lot of foresight and careful planning which is why it is taking long to gain popularity in the business. Even so, its benefits are unprecedented and most people propose that it be widely accepted by architectural associations and building regulatory boards worldwide. Governments should take measures to make certain necessary aspects of green building compulsory by legislations and themselves also encourage green building in national and state projects. The industry should embrace the concept of green building, implementing it not only at grass root levels by providing knowledge and expertise in this field in educational institutions and training schools but also by creating a market for and promoting use of environmental friendly materials and equipment.

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Hiring Laborers

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Barker Kappelle Construction, LLC is now hiring laborers.

We are an established construction company seeking laborers to join our team. We have several large jobs lined up for the coming year, so we will keep you busy.


Brief Description

Responsible for cleaning and preparing construction sites for the erection of structures and buildings.  The position involves picking up, unloading and loading materials, tending machines, performing demolition and other various tasks.  The main responsibility of a construction labor is to efficiently assist BKC carpenters, project superintendents, project coordinators and project managers in performing and maintaining high quality work, leading to partner and client satisfaction.


  • Clean or prepare construction sites to eliminate possible hazards
  • Control traffic passing near, in, or around work zones
  • Dig ditches or trenches, backfill excavations, using picks, shovels, pneumatic tampers, or rakes;
  • Erect or dismantle scaffolding, shoring, braces, traffic barricades, ramps, or other temporary structures
  • Pick up, load, unload, or identify building materials, machinery, or tools, distributing them to the appropriate locations, according to project plans or specifications
  • Communicate with project managers, finish carpenters, and project coordinators about schedule

Qualifications and requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Critical thinking required
  • Prior experience in residential construction a bonus
  • Must be able to prioritize so that tasks are completed efficiently


  • Attention to Detail — Job requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks
  • Dependability — Job requires being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations.
  • Self Control — Job requires maintaining composure, keeping emotions in check, controlling anger, and avoiding aggressive behavior, even in very difficult situations
  • Cooperation — Job requires being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude
  • Stress Tolerance — Job requires accepting criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with high stress situations

Working conditions

  • This is a full-time position (typically 40 Hours per week)
  • Typical work hours are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm (Monday-Friday)

Projects are mostly on the Windward/Town side of the island
Please email your resume or a brief summary of your work history if you are interested and we will set up an interview

employment type: Full time position (40 hours per week)


Compensation to be discussed at time of interview
Health Insurance (Medical, Dental, Vision and Drug), 401K


Hiring Carpenters


Barker Kappelle Construction, LLC is now hiring carpenters.

We are an established construction company seeking skilled carpenters to join our team. We have several large jobs lined up for the coming year, so we will keep you busy.


Must have own tools and vehicle (no exceptions)

Must be able to:

-Follow blueprints and building plans to meet the needs of clients
-Keep a clean job site
-Measure, cut, or shape wood, plastic, and other materials
-Construct building frames, including walls, floors, and door frames, etc.
-Inspect and replace damaged framework or other structures and fixtures
-Instruct and direct laborers and other construction helpers
-Take pride in what you build!
Must have at least 8 years of experience

Must be able to work alone

Efficiency, punctuality and honesty a requirement

Projects are mostly on the Windward/Town side of the island
Please email your resume and a brief summary of your work history to bkcjobs [at] yahoo [dot] com if you are interested and we will set up an interview

employment type: Full time position (40 hours per week)


Compensation to be discussed at time of interview

Health Insurance (Medical, Dental, Vision and Drug), 401K