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The construction of buildings in an environmentally sustainable manner has become very important in the recent past. The realization that the environment is being damaged at a greater rate than previously thought coupled to the fact that virtually all of man’s activities contribute to this has led to more people trying to find greener ways of doing construction. This is therefore one of the things you should account for when making plans to construct anything from a residential to a commercial property.

Is it worth it?


On the surface, you might be wondering whether it’s worth it to do the construction on this basis. You will often need to go out of your way to ensure that this project is done correctly, and this is the main reason why most people tend to avoid it. However, despite the fact that doing green construction might not seem to have an impact, the truth is that it will have a huge impact on the environment.

In addition to that, it’s also wise to note that there are several other benefits of doing green construction. These include the fact that you are likely to spend less on energy and natural resources in a home that has been constructed in a green manner. In addition to that, most of such buildings are usually much healthier, making it possible for people to live in them in a comfortable manner.

You should also note that the technology used in the construction of such properties has been evolving over time. Today, there are many technologies that have made it much easier to develop a green living environment without making it too expensive and without compromising the quality of life. For instance, if you want to reduce the amount of energy used in lighting, you could opt to get LED lamps. These produce more light than regular incandescent lamps, but are cheaper and produce less heat. They also cost a very small amount of money to run, and last longer.

You should consider using an integrated approach

When you want to build a house that will turn out to be environmentally friendly, it is often wise to use an integrated approach in doing it. This means planning this right from the start. Making sure that initial processes such as choosing a contractor are influenced by this need will make it easier for you to reap the full benefits of green construction.

For instance, if you build a regular house and only take into account the issue of environmental friendliness at the last minute, there may be not much you can do to benefit from this. There will be a limited number of things you can do to make the house green. Even before planning the construction, you should get contractors who share the same view with you regarding environmental conservation.

Remember that not all contractors are eco friendly

When shopping for construction contractors, you will find that many of them claim to be environmentally friendly. However, the truth of the matter is that not all of them may be. If you are very keen on making the building fully green, you might need to explore the nature of the contractor before working with them. Some of the little details that will show you that they are eco-friendly include:

• What is their stance regarding the materials they use? The truly eco-friendly contractors will strive to ma sure that all the items they use are actually eco-friendly. This means that if you consult them, they will give you very good reasons why they use the types of materials they choose to use, and one of the major reasons would be eco friendliness.

• How do they manage their operations? For instance, when they are sending the laborers to your premises for construction, do they use one vehicle for all of them or prefer using multiple vehicles unnecessarily? These are details that will have an impact on the environment.

• Do they have the right accreditation? Depending on where you live, there are organizations that can accredit service providers, showing that they are of high quality and adhere to conservation principles. Try to find out if the contractor you are interested in working with does this.

• What is their plan? One of the hallmarks of a contractor who can do construction without much damage to the environment is that they will always have a plan that makes sense. After consulting them and after agreeing on your needs, they should be able to give you an idea of how they will carry out the operation without undue damage to the environment.

In summary, you should not shy away from doing green construction on account of the perceived difficulty or increased cost. With a little creativity and working with the right contractors, you will definitely pull it off without having to compromise much.


6 Exquisite House Renovations Suitable For Warm Seasons! | Barker Kapelle Construction LLC

From time to time, it is a good idea to undertake house renovations and make your property more practical, more economical and of course, more comfortable. These days, the costs for house renovations have dropped and every new improvement will definitely increase the value of the property. Here are some of the best house renovations and improvements which are suitable for warm seasons.

Add a barbecue deck

Those homeowners who love foods on barbecue will also love having their own, specially-designed barbecue area in their properties. Building a barbecue deck in a yard is not a big deal and it can be done in just a couple of days by the professionals. Usually, the deck also features certain places for depositing coals as well as other barbecue equipments and accessories. As a result, the homeowner will be able to have a barbecue whenever he wants, in the comfort and privacy of his own house and in the company of his family members and friends while enjoying the lovely weather.

Add a patio deck

On the other hand, those homeowners who love to spend a lot of time with their family members outdoors, playing society games, having dinner or watching TV might want to build a patio deck in their properties. A patio deck can be customized according to the needs and preferences of the homeowner and it can be installed everywhere in the yard. The patio can be very useful and practical in many situations. For example, the homeowner can sip his coffee in the morning while reading the newspaper, he can take a nap in the middle of the day or work on his laptop for several hours during the evening.

Additionally, patios can be enhanced and decorated in a variety of ways. There are multiple types of lighting options which are suitable for outdoor use, the homeowner can add a TV set as well as gaming consoles to his patio and when it comes to outdoor furniture items, there are many types of sofas, couches and outdoor coffee tables to choose from.

Consider adding a small pool

If the homeowner has a larger budget to work with then he shouldn’t hesitate investing in a pool. This home addition is extremely advantageous in the long run. Basically, the homeowner will be able to swim every day and every night in his pool, play with his kids or invite his friends over for a delightful party in the pool.

Pools can also be fully customized if it is necessary. They can feature underwater lighting options, water jet systems as well as fence made from glass. They will increase home value and make the homeowner feel more entertained and comfortable in his property.

Add an outdoor kitchen

Some homeowners love to go beyond cooking different types of foods on grill and they want a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen where they can prepare a variety of delicious meals. Cooking outdoors is much more interesting and enjoyable and if the homeowner has a little bit of free space in his yard, he can use it to build an outdoor kitchen. First of all, the professionals will install a deck in the yard and then they will focus on adding lighting options, connecting kitchen appliances and so on.

The homeowner can also personalize his outdoor kitchen and add an audio system nearby as well as a TV set and many other things. Having an outdoor kitchen will boost the value of the property and make the homeowner love his summer evenings spent in his property.

Repair/replace the air conditioning unit

Apart from adding something, homeowners can also fix or replace what they currently have in order to feel more comfortable during warm seasons. For example, if the air conditioning unit doesn’t work properly, it needs to be repaired at all costs. Damaged air conditioners consume more energy, they don’t cool the house properly, they are noisier and if the air filters are dirty, they can even cause a respiratory illness in the future. To avoid this, the homeowner must clean the filters and perform the required repairs or consider investing in a brand new, more economical and more powerful air conditioning unit.

Get modern windows and doors

Most of the heat or coolness in the house is lost through windows and doors. Therefore, in order to preserve a comfortable temperature inside, homeowners should get windows and doors which have excellent insulating capabilities. Such products are available on the market today at affordable prices and they won’t only keep the homeowner and his family members cool during warm seasons, but considerably reduce the energy bill.

If you want to put one of the aforementioned house renovation ideas into practice then make sure that you give us a call today. We offer top quality home renovation services at great prices and we will do our best to meet and even exceed your expectations!


Did You Know That Green Buildings Can Provide You These 7 Advantages? | Barker Kapelle Construction LLC

When referring to green buildings, you don’t have to take it literally. A green building is not a house which has been painted in a nuance of green, it is a property that is specially designed to be as ecologically-friendly as possible. Green buildings are able to save a lot of energy and they usually use the energy which comes from the sun in order to produce heat or provide electricity to the homeowner. Here are some of the most important benefits of green buildings.

Green buildings increase water conservation

Although more than 3 thirds of this planet is composed of water, a very small percentage of it is actually potable. Therefore, it is very important to try to preserve drinkable water and use it wisely. In this case, green buildings are specially designed to use other sources of water such as rainwater or grey water. Rainwater is harvested on a regular basis and used for irrigation and other purposes. In a similar fashion, grey water is the water which comes from bathroom sinks, bathtubs, washing machines and so on and it can be recycled and used for toilet flushing or landscape irrigation.

Green buildings help reduce the emission of pollutants

When burning different types of fuels such as natural gases or coal, a lot of pollutants are released into the atmosphere as a result. In the long run, these pollutants lead to global warming and a series of other major problems such as acid rains or the smog effect. In order to minimize the amount of pollutants which are being released into the air, green buildings are designed to utilize energy which comes from other sources and don’t pollute the atmosphere. For example, green buildings might be equipped with solar panels, they might be constructed in order to let more natural light get in the house (and minimize the use of artificial lighting) and so on.

Green buildings are increasingly more valuable

The price of energy is on the rise these days and a building which consumes less energy is obviously more valuable than others. Additionally, green buildings are less expensive to maintain and the running costs of such a property are drastically reduced. Therefore, home buyers are encouraged to invest in green buildings because these properties will preserve their value in the long run and they put less strain on the environment.

Green building can manage storm water better

Storm water is responsible for erosion, floods and a series of other natural disasters. These days, green buildings are constructed in such a manner that storm water is controlled and used with practical purposes. For example, some green buildings feature green roofs which basically mean that the homeowner can grow vegetables, plants and flowers right on his roof using the water harvested during storms. Similarly, the usage of permeable materials as well as other technologically advanced items make controlling storm water an easy task.

Green buildings improve the health of the homeowner and his family members

Environmentally-friendly building are designed to improve air circulation, use daylight as much as possible and reduce the usage of toxic materials that can affect the health of the house occupants in the long run. As a result, the homeowner as well as his family members will have more peace of mind and enjoy a flourishing health. On the other hand, when conventional buildings are constructed, toxic adhesives and paints might be used as well as pesticides and other materials that contribute to mold buildup, poor air circulation and insufficient indoor lighting.

Green buildings help keeping the energy bills as low as possible

When green buildings are constructed, a lot of emphasis is put on insulation. Basically, different types of materials and foams are used in order to insulate a property and make it more environmentally-friendly. Additionally, green buildings feature windows and doors which can preserve the heat inside the house during cold winter days and the coolness inside during hot summer days. Thanks to these improvements, the homeowner will enjoy a comfortable temperature in his house and he won’t need to pay that much for his energy bill.

Green buildings focus on smart lighting options

Lighting options which are based on sensors are increasingly popular these days and they can save money in the long run. Basically, those lighting options will turn on only when the presence of the homeowner is detected. When the homeowner disappears from the area, they will be turned off automatically. Therefore, no more energy wasted because the homeowner forgot to turn off the light during the night.

If you would like to invest in a green home and contribute to the saving of this planet then make sure that you give us a call and speak with our professionals at length. We have a lot of experience in green building construction and our services come at reasonable prices.


A Look At Some Of The Most Important And Admired Buildings In Hawaii | Barker Kapelle Construction LLC

Hawaii is an U.S. state made entirely from islands and it is one of the most visited and attractive destinations for a lot of tourists. This amazing place features a plethora of beaches where visitors can relax and get a tan as well as many landmarks and points of interests. In fact, if you are visiting Hawaii in the near future, here are some of the most important and eye-catching buildings in Hawaii.

First Hawaiian Center

This is the tallest building in the entire Hawaiian state and it is very easy to recognize. It features a height of approximately 429 feet (131 meters) and it has no less than 30 floors. The First Hawaiian Center is an office building which was completed in 1996 and its construction took 3 years to accomplish. This building hosts the headquarters of First Hawaiian Bank and it is one of the most visually-striking buildings in Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii.

Hawaii State Capitol

This is another important building in Honolulu and the official statehouse of Hawaii. It is surrounded by a pool that symbolizes the Pacific Ocean and it features two legislative chambers which are cone-shaped, in order to symbolize the volcanoes that made up the Hawaii Islands. This building also is open to the sky and it lets wind, rain and the sunlight enter at any moment of the day.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

In a similar fashion, this is one of the most appreciated and popular hotels in Honolulu. It is visited yearly by thousands of tourists. It features stunning views of the ocean from balconies and it is surrounded by a plethora of pools. Additionally, this amazing hotel features a lot of restaurants where tourists can enjoy delicious seafood and other meals prepared by experienced chefs and it is very close to some of the most important amenities in Honolulu such as Ala Moana shopping center.

Another excellent advantage provided by this hotel is that the rooms are always very clean and comfortable and this resort is suitable for families as well as couples or people who visit with business interests.

Hawaii Theatre

Those who visit Hawaii shouldn’t miss out the Hawaii Theatre, a historical building constructed nearly 100 years ago. These days, the Hawaii Theatre is a popular venue for concerts as well as performances and shows and it has been recently renovated in order to accommodate a large number of tourists and visitors. The architects used Byzantine and Corinthian elements in order to decorate the exterior of the building and different types of murals and carpets for the interior of the theatre.

The Aloha Tower

This fantastic building can be easily recognized in Honolulu and it was built back in 1926. The construction costs reached $160,000, a gigantic price for that time. The Aloha Tower is basically a lighthouse and today is considered to be one of the most important landmarks of Hawaii. Today, this building continues to guide vessels and it was built in the Hawaiian Gothic architectural style. The Aloha Tower currently features 184 feet in height as well as 40 feet of flag mast and back in the days it was the tallest building in the entire Hawaiian State.

Nauru Tower

This impressive building is one of the largest complexes of condominiums in Honolulu at it is very close to the Ward Center as well as Ala Moana shopping center. It was built in 1990 and currently it features 44 stories, 314 units and 8 elevators. Additionally, those people who live in Nauru Tower also have access to various amenities such as a swimming pool, a specially-designed barbecue area and a tennis court on the roof. This condominium complex is protected by private guards and one can have access inside only using a passkey.

The most attractive feature of Nauru Tower is obviously its impressive height as well as the glass façade that surrounds it. This design feature enhances interior views and it makes the tower look imposing and very modern from every angle.

Hawaiki Tower

In a similar fashion, Hawaiki Tower is another imposing condominium complex in Honolulu, even larger than Nauru Tower. It was built in 1999 and it currently features 417 units, 6 elevators and 46 stories. Residents of this building have access to spa, swimming pool, barbecue areas, sundeck, landscaped gardens and many other amenities.

Additionally, Hawaiki Tower is strategically placed in Honolulu in order to allow its residents to have easy access to the beach as well as Ala Moana shopping center. Needless to say, this condominium complex is protected by security guards and it features a central air conditioning unit.

These amazing buildings were built by professional Hawaiian engineers and architects. If you would like to experience the skills and expertise of excellent building contractors in Hawaii, talk to us today and let us show you the difference!


4 Green Roofing Options You Can Go For | Barker Kapelle Construction LLC

Terminologies and lingos can easily get in the way when one thinks of what exactly goes into a green roof. Technically speaking, a ‘green roof’ means a roof upon which plants are grown. It is more or less like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Sounds viable but oddly enough, this kind of roofing is not what many homeowners today can consider as cool. So instead of just going ‘mainstream’ and having the said green roofs over their heads, they simply go for the ‘modern green roof’. That is, any kind of roofing considered as eco friendly. So the next time you hear a contractor talk of ‘green roofs’, think about any of the following roofing options:


You might want to consider tiles if you want a roof that can outlive you. You might also want to consider it if you are keen on the exterior aesthetic appeal of your home. The reason is simple. Tiles come in a wide range of colors and designs. Speaking of designs, some tile designs may look strange, but make no mistake about them. The shape of the design may have something to do with its functionality and the role it plays to fulfill its eco friendly ‘obligations’. Curved r4oofs for instance are meant to ensure your home has ample ventilation from the roof. But that is not everything. Lighter tile colors means your tile roof will reflect less heat into the atmosphere

Single ply thermoset roofs

A single ply thermoset is simply made of a single roof membrane derived from natural oil and gas. The membrane is then curled before it is bonded into a roofing material. The end product is usually a well sealed and insulated roofing material. Note that single ply thermoset roofs are constructed in factories as opposed to other roofing materials constructed and sealed at the building sites. Thermoset membranes are ideal for withstanding the harmful and damaging effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun. The membranes are mostly made in black. There are however white membranes meant for cool roofs.

Roofing experts recommend single ply thermoset roofs for restaurants, cafes and other establishments that have to push oils through their ventilation systems. The membranes can easily resist the oils and animal fat used in such establishment. They can also prevent bacterial growth. Experts also recommend the roofs for residential homes. They can be installed over old roofs where a full pull or tear down exercise for purposes of remodeling is not practical.

Shakes and shingles

Take a walk around your neighborhood and note how many homes have shakes and shingles. Chances are 3 out of every 5 homes will have shakes and shingles. They are simply, put, the most popular roofing materials today. But without the right engineering and maintenance, they are the least appealing or to be precise, they are the least reflective. You certainly don’t want that kind of roof. You want something that can reflect, not collect heat. So to deal with the problem and to improve their eco friendly qualities, the best you can do is to have the shakes and shingles treated with green pigments. But you will soon realize that won’t solve your heating problems. The best solution is to therefore have the pigments installed then paint the shingles white.


They are not as common as the roofing options already discussed above. But they are just as viable and of course, eco friendly. They are paving tiles designed for roofs. They are heavy and tick – approximately two inches thick. A square foot of the roof weighs about 23 pounds. The weight and thickness are however not disadvantages pavers are designed for buildings that can withstand the weight. They can reflect as much as 78% UV light. Pavers also tend to have great insulating properties and are easy to maintain. You do not have to install them everywhere. Have them n smaller areas like on the balcony or veranda.


This may sound strange but metal is also an eco friendly roofing option. But first note that when roofing contractors talk of metal as an eco friendly roofing option; they are not talking about the usual metal. This is after all, the 21st century. With the kind of eco friendly building techniques around, virtually anything can happen. Contractors do not use bare metal. They use coated metal. They simply start with coated metal then prime it with a light color. Some add light reflecting pigments. It is that simple. You can in fact install this kind of roofing over your existing roof. It is durable and easy to maintain. You will also have the benefit of a unique roof in a sea of tiles, shingles and tiles.

What you should remember

Perhaps you may go for the best eco friendly roofing option, but that is never enough. Going for the best eco friendly solutions and having the right experts to do the main job are two different things. In other words, be sure to find Hawaii home builders who are experts in eco friendly building solutions. Take not of such things like experience. Then examine the portfolio of the green building or eco friendly building contractor you wish to go for. Stick to on that reputable and of course, licensed. Then keep in mind that you must always adhere to the building codes of your area.


Why You Should Consider Building A Green Home For A Better And Sustainable Future

Do you know that about half of the greenhouse gas emissions are from buildings? It’s surprising how much we control on factories and industrial areas to curb their noxious gas emission but don’t control something that is so common and so widespread which is buildings and their construction. Buildings let out more gases than industrial areas and transportation services worldwide and this can be avoided with small changes done to buildings and their construction. Builder and construction companies have realized this influence on the world’s environmental health and have come up with green constructions which are eco-friendly and also cost saving in the long run. This is a way that they have found to be responsible to give back to the society.

Green construction is important and essential if we want to make sure that our life quality remains elevated in the decades to come for us and the future generations. It is also important to save our finite natural resources in the world. As such governments and other non-governmental organizations are all getting together to fund such green construction projects to help contribute to the environment as well. They sometimes over alternative incentives to such go green building construction projects by giving tax rebates and other perks.

The benefits of having a green home

Going green to have an eco-friendly construction is actually much easier than you think. There are a set of guidelines and requirements that you would need to follow as part of the protocols and this would aid your process in engaging in the green construction as you have a set of instructions to follow for its completion. This has helped many construction companies and builders around the world to go green this way and many are even becoming great experts in green building and construction services, like us Barker Kappelle Construction!

Building such green homes entail the usage of the three R’s that we know of: reduce, reuse and recycle. In the building of such eco-friendly buildings, there is a great use of recycled materials and recyclable materials as the construction material. The materials used in the construction also have reduced energy contents in them, and they would burn out slower so they can be energy efficient and last longer. The materials used in green construction also have some special properties like a lowered requirement of water usage and electricity usage, reducing the need for a lot of water and electricity. Some other special properties they tend to have are being able to gather and use solar power as part of their energy requirements.

Having a green home and building one also definitely places less stress on the environment. This in turn leads to countless benefits like having less worldwide climate changes, diseases, and economic and social imbalances. Our environment is already damaged and the only way we can help now is to stop the damage since we cannot reverse it, and cultivating that through having greener owners would create a huge impact as we mentioned before, buildings contribute the most to such environmental damage.

How do green homes go on to impact the world’s environment?

As mentioned before, green homes have a lower impact on the environment than normally built homes. This is the main reason why green homes are on the rise in the first place. They provide you with a large reduction in the energy usage and they are also less dependent on energy sources which are not renewable. This is why they cause a lower level of greenhouse gas emission. Lowered greenhouse gas emissions are beneficial not only to the environment on the whole, but also to the world’s general health, economy and society altogether through the positive impact on the environment and these in turn can save more resources to be spent to help the environment as well. This is a positive cycle to set off through a few changes we can make in building our homes.

Greener homes help reduce construction waste

Building a conventional house leaves become too much of construction waste whereas having a green home in the building uses up materials which are recyclable and recycled so even if waste is left behind, it can be reused again. This causes a great reduction in the waste going to the furnaces to be burnt off to release noxious gases.

Construction of green buildings equates to minimal toxic materials

Moreover, having an eco-friendly house makes it a priority to avoid the usage the toxic materials. This allows no harm to the existing ecosystems and habitats. On top of that, having green homes will also help air and water purify over the long run. Since green homes also reduce the amount of natural resources that are used during the construction and during the home’s lifespan, they conserve the amount of natural resources that we have. Since these resources are finite, we have a responsibility to make them last as long as our future generations live on so turning to green homes as a solution would help to a large extent. Talk to your Hawaii home builders if you are convinced that green building construction is the way to go!


Top 7 Reliable Eco Friendly Flooring Solutions Today | Barker Kapelle Construction LLC

Years ago, the mention of any eco friendly building solution evoked feelings of bland and boring materials. That was expected at the time, given that there were just a handful of viable eco friendly building solutions. The expertise was lacking at best and half baked at worst. Worse still, there were several misconceptions amongst first time homeowners who sought to go for green building and eco friendly homes.

The same can be said about commercial property building owners who wanted a blend of modern and old building designs with emphasis on eco friendly building solutions. But a lot has changed since then. Green building and eco friendly building solutions seem to be trending now. It is of course, affordable to many. But it also offers aesthetically appealing options. Take eco friendly flooring options for instance. At any given time, you will have the following options to choose from.

Wood flooring

Everyone knows about wood, that’s for sure. But going for or rather shopping for a wooden flooring option is not as easy as most people think. One must first ensure that the wooden option he wishes to go for is sustainably sourced, reclaimed or recycled from lumber products. Then keep in mind that other eco friendly alternatives that are conventional to wood flooring are increasingly viable. One such example is bamboo flooring, which is discussed below.


It goes almost without saying that bamboo is one of the most popular eco friendly flowing options today. Unknown to several people, bamboo is a type of grass. It however shares strange hardwood characteristics that make it ideal for making furniture, walls, and floor options. But that is not everything about bamboo. It is durable, easy to maintain and most importantly, sustainable.


Strangely, just a handful of people know about linoleum. It happens to be one the best eco friendly building solutions in the market today. It is in fact more eco friendly than vinyl. Its main ingredient is linseed oil, which goes on to explain why Linoleum is popular for its non-allergenic characteristics. Note that linoleum is often compared to vinyl because they both share similar characteristics. It should however be noted than on the eco friendly weight measure, linoleum takes the medal as already hinted.


Cork is still new to the flooring world. Chances are, you have only seen cork on wine bottles and walls. But it also happens to be a viable and eco friendly flooring option. The material is harvested from the barks of cork oak trees found in the Mediterranean regions and some parts of Africa. The tree grows back after every three years. Cork is therefore a renewable source. That is however, not everything. Cork boasts of antimicrobial properties. It can easily reduce allergens at home. It is also fire retardant, insect repellant and very easy to maintain. Like wood, cork can be finished in a wide range of stains and paints to suit different home themes and designs. Depending on the quality you go for, cork can last for up to 35 years

Glass tiles

Have you ever wondered what happens to soda, beer and wines bottles shipped to recyclers every year? You probably have. The bottles are simply recycled into alluring glass tiles ideal for both commercial and residential homes. This renewable source is quickly becoming a preferred option for high end homes. It is easy to see why. Glass comes in limitless range of colors. Then it does not attract mold or mildew even in the dampest environments. For those who wish to maximize n light, glass reflects light, rather and absorbing it as ceramic and porcelain tiles do. It also does not stain and is as you would epact, easy to maintain. All you need to do is wipe it from time to time.


Sisal is not as popular as bamboo as far as flooring is concerned. But it is equally sustainable. People simply don’t understand the concept behind sisal flooring options. For starters, sisal is made from the leaves of a special tree species known as the Agave sisalana plant. The leaves are then crushed and soaked for days to extra sisal fibers which are spun into yarn. Note that sisal flooring options cannot be used evenly in a house. Water can damage it. Heat too can damage it. On should therefore avoid using sisal flooring products in the bathroom and other wet areas as well as in the kitchen.


The name says it all. Sisool is simply a wool and sisal composite. That means it comes along with dual fiber characteristics. It also means sisool boasts of two distinctive textures. The material is not as popular, but it is as you would expect, viable. It is in fact, way better that the aforementioned sisal flooring options. Again, sisool is not ideal for wet areas such as laundry room and bathrooms. It is also not ideal for the kitchen.

If you need further advice, talk to a Honolulu construction company that is experienced in eco friendly flooring solutions and you will definitely get the best advice on what suits your home best.


5 Areas You Have To Prioritize Before Embarking On a Green Building Project | Barker Kapelle Construction LLC

The world has embraced green building construction, and rightfully so for pretty solid reasons. For starters, conventional building techniques incorporate use of conventional building materials, some of which can expose one’s heath to life threatening risks. Remember how asbestos wrecked havoc in the 90s when it emerged it was extremely carcinogenic?

But that was asbestos. Now gone, people are faced with new challenges. Conventional building is just not working. People want to also ensure that the environment remains at its best even with development going on right left, right and center. That is in fact, the very essence of sustainable development. It is what also green building construction is all about. So just which areas should one prioritize the most before emerging in a green building construction project? Read on to find out.

The roof

It is the most visible part of any roof. It must therefore be appealing at best and magnificent at worst. Fortunately, there is a wide range of eco friendly solutions that can be considered. One must however be sure to hire the right contractors for installation, remodeling or repairing green or rather eco friendly roofs. Tiles and shingles happen to be the most preferred eco friendly roofing solution in the market today. But there are other little known options such as single ply thermostat roofs.

Gutters and downspouts

It is easy to ignore gutters and downspouts when setting up your green building project. But they are just as important as your roof options. First off, note that you will need functional gutters every time it rains. That means your gutters have to be flawless, especially if you live in rainy areas. Unfortunately, there are just a handful; of eco friendly gutter materials that can lust. The best material is aluminum. It may souls like any other metal, but it is not. It is renewable, so you really don’t have anything to worry about should you opt for aluminum gutters and downspouts. Note too that most aluminum downspouts come from manufacturers that use hydro generated power to supply their procession facilities. They simply don’t produce Co2 emissions.


The best lighting solution as anyone would expect is of course, the natural light –sunlight. But having a residential home that solely relies on sunlight for lighting purses is not as easy as many people think. It goes beyond installing skylights and sun tube tunnels to light up the room. Not that skylight and sun tube tunnels are bad, but one has imply to maximize their use and consider other better alternatives. So with that in mind, consider having your skylights and sunbeams but over and beyond them, consider having solar panels to light up your living spaces. At the end of the day, it is about having a functional eco friendly home. But it’s also about saving your energy bills, something that solar panels, skylights and sun tube tunnels can effortlessly do.


You don’t have to worry about flooring at all. Home improvement stores are awash with eco friendly flooring options that are more than just ideal for green building construction. Bamboo stands out as the most reliable solution. Contrary to what many people think, bamboo is a grass with pretty much similar characteristics as hardwood. Its source is renewable, given that bamboo trees can grow within 3 years. There is also cork, rubber and linoleum. They all share pretty much similar characteristics. They are easy to maintain durable and like bamboo, they come from renewable sources. They are also affordable and as you have already guessed, easy on the eyes.

Energy and water

This two go together for the simple reason that one relies on the other. But that is as far as normal conventional homes are concerned. Green building solutions capitalize on renewable sources of energy. It also encourages harvesting rain water and of course recycling. So be sure to have solar panels installed to provide energy if for no other reason than cut down your energy consumption costs. Be sure to also have plumbing system that can incorporate use of harvested rain water. But able all, have the water you harvest or reuse treated.


You may not know it but green building solutions also mean one must be responsible. That is, one must take into account measures to ensure the green solutions incorporate in his or her home work. This may mean hiring the best contractors to ensure the green building construction project is completed on time. Speaking of contractors, note that there are way too many green building contractors in the market today. Getting ripped off is a reality. It can happen.

Stick to reputable and experienced general contractors in Hawaii. But over and beyond that, it also means being cautious with what you do and observing habits that encourage sustainable development. Do not leave your taps running when not in use. In addition, consider eco friendly cooking options in the kitchen if you have to.


How To Avoid A Termite Infestation For Your Home | Barker Kapelle Construction LLC


Termites can be a huge problem once they get entry into your house. These tiny creatures invisible to our eyes rapidly spread all around the house and cause havoc by slowly eating up different materials, especially wood. And they can also go latent in your existing wooden frames and works that even if you replace the woodworks in your house, they can come back again to cause more trouble. In the United States of America, termites are reported to cause damage up to 5 billion dollars in worth every year just in the residential sector. That is a lot of money we can save on if we act on this problem early enough.

Along with the spread of termites, the solution to cure them has also advances. Termite treatment has taken up new technologies to work better in recent days. The termite treatment technology has also become more affordable over the past two decades. On top of that, companies also give you more guarantee perks, for example, re-treatment guarantees whereby the company would offer to do another termite wipe up for you if the termites come back again once the treatments are over, within a specific period of time. This guarantee programs are free of charge as assurance to get rid of the termite problems for you by the companies.

Consider a Damage Repair Agreement beforehand

One of the best agreements for termite control is a Damage Repair Agreement; where there is payment given to help you repair the damage done to the home because of the termites.

Although nowadays with more advanced treatments, termites can be wiped out more easily compared to a few decades ago, it is still important to prevent rather than cure the problem to avoid any damage at all. Here are a few ways for you to prevent termite infestation in your house.

Remove any scrap wood pieces from your crawl space area

Leaving behind these scrap wood pieces in your crawl space would have usually been done by the house builders as an accident. These wood pieces can hold termites and they can slowly itch through the pieces of wood and reach the woodworks in your house. These pieces of wood are unnecessary and do not have any function, so removing them would be a help to your house to avoid any possibilities of having termites in your place.

Keep firewood out of your house

Firewood is also another item where termites love to get into, so don’t assume that stacks of firewood which look alright do not have termite inside of them. Keep all your firewood outside your house, at least 10 meters away so that the termites have no way of entering your house that way.

Check your windows and doors often

Checking and inspecting your woodworks in the doors and windows, even if just the frame is made up of wood, is very important. Keep a habit to check on them regularly because overtime, rain and moisture can get into your woodworks on the windows and doors and termites love moist wood the most.

Check for any stagnant pool of water

If there are any pools of water in your foundation or your crawl space, remove it as soon as you can. Find the reason why there is water there in the first place and inspect your drainage system to check if there are leaks from the system. Then, correct any leaks because having moisture in your crawl space would be a good ground to breed termites when it comes into contact with wood.

Make some modifications to your existing foundation

You can get pea gravel to be laid out on your foundation and this is quite a definite solution to prevent termites. Laying out about eight to ten inches of pea gravel in the foundation of your house can help prevent any mulch from touching the foundation. Termites are not really able to get through gravel because it is hard for them to survive in it, so you can block out any possible sources of termite away from your house to keep it safe.

You can also grind off any stumps. Stumps are actually pieces of dead wood remaining in the ground. And termites thrive really well in dead wood so stumps would be a good place for termite families to live in. If you can grind off these stumps then you are blocking another source of termites.

When you are landscaping the beds of your plot of land of the house, make sure you choose hard materials instead of mulch. Mulch is a material which is also a source of termites so using mulch for your house is inviting trouble. Use other materials like rocks, brick chips or coco bean hulls.

Conduct yearly termite inspections

Doing this will keep you informed of the status in your house and keeps your house protected as well. It shows you potential areas where termites might enter your house through and this would allow you to cure the root of the problem and tackle these areas early enough.

For any termite related problem with your property construction, do not hesitate to call the general contractors at Barker Kappelle Construction today to help you out with any termite repair service and more!


Stay Updated With These Trends In Green Building Construction!

The green building construction industry or eco-friendly building industry is growing year on year with the receptive response from companies who are in favor of green building. Another advantage of engaging in green building is also the increase in revenue the company would be getting because of many perks like long term savings and also tax rebates from the government and other organizations that are in encouragement of such eco-friendly activities. Through engaging in green building, companies can reduce their overall energy expenditure, they can provide product transparency and they can also reduce the workload on the total equipment in use in the building.

Green renovations are on the rise

Green renovations are on the rise alongside green construction. In fact, people prefer to do green renovations to convert their existing normal buildings slowly to a green environment more than doing a green construction from the start. Year on year there have been increases in the number of green renovations taking place to convert crucial buildings like government buildings to make them green and eco-friendly. Such green buildings have their own rating and score on how green they are and according to that, many countries offer perks to those running the building in reward for their efforts to save the environment.

The energy savings is a huge attraction factor

One of the main benefits of having a green building is that it saves a lot of energy in the long run. That is why it is eco-friendly in the first place, and it doesn’t only help the environment but also helps your pockets in terms of reducing your bill amounts. As such, people are keener into having green projects, green constructions and eco-friendly renovations because of the amount of money they can save over the long run with the reduction in energy usage. This is one thing to remember when you are looking for your next client who for construction related purposes or to set up a company.

Solar power energy is the next big thing

Nowadays there are more solutions available for people to think about funding like third-party financing services on the rise recently. This allows more owners of spaces which are both industrial and residential to be able to get money to install in solar panels for solar energy derivation. It is indeed quite expensive to set up the solar power system but as part of the green touch, it also saves plenty of money through saving energy in the long run. Therefore, one of the reasons green projects are on the rise is because with the money spent on installing a solar power panel, it is wise to might as well change other factors which can make the building more green overall as part of the green renovation.

The need to save water

The necessity to save water and conserving it is not anymore limited to just countries which are known as deserts and tropical areas only. The need is spreading worldwide because of the international reduction in rainfall levels and reducing amounts of freshwater reserves everywhere. This means that all countries have to actively take part in saving water. This would only work if the means and ways to save water are feasible for everyone’s daily lives. These feasible ways are set forth by green construction and green renovation which give you a suitable environment and way to help you start on saving water. Although the benefits of this would not be seen right away, in a few years we would be thanking such green construction works for the pathway they have paved for us to embark on this good habit.

Overall benefit for your firm

Having green building construction will help you develop a building which is called zero net energy producing building. This will place your construction above the rest in the long run because as the name states, your building will require almost zero energy when tallied overall and this will be able to get you very attractive clients to buy units off your building because they don’t need to worry about huge electricity bills. This way you can get to sell your units for a better price than other buildings and earn back the extra money spent to make your construction green, or even more! Clients who really know about how economically beneficial green buildings are will definitely be willingly be able to pay you a sum larger than usual for your green building units.

As such, if you would need more information or help in your green building construction, do not hesitate to call us, Barker Kappelle Construction today for more details. We are specialized in green construction and would be able to help you in all aspects regarding eco-friendly building today. Call us now to book an appointment soon!