Does Your HVAC System Need An Upgrade? | Barker Kapelle Construction LLC


Does Your HVAC System Need An Upgrade? | Barker Kapelle Construction LLC

With winter fast approaching, it is highly crucial to ensure that your HVAC system is fully operational and well maintained. The last thing you’d want is to expose yourself to a heating system failure just when the deep freeze is setting in. This is even more critical if you live in a winter storm-prone area as you will need to assess the system in your home or alternatively consider investing in one.

This is why getting the services of a qualified professional to tackle this issue for you is important. Not only will they have the required expertise to handle the task, but their experience in handling all sorts of ventilation, conditioning and heating systems will enable them to provide you with the maintenance, repair and other installation services you may need. Since there is inherent risks in you undertake the project yourself, it is better to leave it to the professionals, lest you incur hefty utility bills and possibly freeze during the winter.

Upgrading the home HVAC system

Is it time for an upgrade? To be able to answer this, you should ascertain the following:

• The age of your HVAC system.

• If it is older than 10 years and no longer keeps you comfortable.

• If the furnace runs more than has always been the case.

• If your home’s utility bills have increased.

If you establish that some or all of the above are occurring, then it is time to replace your system. If you cannot ascertain these things by yourself, you can always ask the HVAC technician to assist you in knowing the status. Since companies usually offer free inspections and estimates, you should try and look around for one and gather as many quotes as you can to determine which is best.

Boosts heating efficiency

With statistics showing that the cooling and heating components of this system suck up your home’s yearly energy bills in excess of 40%, it is highly essential to ensure that they are working optimally. Whether you decide to hire a HVAC professional or a skilled professional versed in energy efficiency to assess your system, you cannot afford to overlook this step while also ensuring that they check for leaks. The last thing you’d want is letting all the heat generated during winter leak out through your windows. Once you fix the leaks, you will forego having to buy a new system, but if it is too old which happens to be quite often, replacement will be inevitable. Thus, if you can make some tweaks to your current system, it will become easier to size and install the new system when you do get it.

Seeking a Qualified Professional

Although there are many HVAC systems in the market, identifying one does not need to be a complicated process once you conduct thorough research. You can even ask for a recommendation from an insulation or energy-efficiency organization, contractor, local builder or even family and friends. You should ensure that they are insured and licensed, and have the requisite experience. However, in as much as you might be tempted, going for the lowest price will not be advisable. Hiring someone with adequate experience will ensure that your health and safety together with that of your family is not compromised due to poor installation which can lead to carbon monoxide leaks. More so, poor workmanship can lead to increased utility bills, fire hazards and mold growth.

The HVAC contractor you choose must have the capacity to perform a load calculation in reference to the one required for your system in addition to assessing all the factors pertaining to the size your home, the insulation levels, local climate and ventilation requirements. Ensuring you select the correct Hawaii home builders will allow you to have a positive experience and get your home ready for the winter.