About Us

Barker Kappelle Construction, LLC, is a general contractor and design-assist firm dedicated to achieving our client’s goals while pursuing quality and excellence.

Our mission: Provide clients with an exceptional building experience while delivering high-quality, cost-effective projects

Specializing in residential new builds, remodels and additions, Barker Kappelle builds for every vision.

For the past two decades, Barker Kappelle has been a trusted and respected general contractor on Oahu. In many ways that reputation stems from partners Phillip Barker and Brett Kappelle taking the same approach to building a company as they do to building houses.

BKC is built on a strong foundation of trust earned through detailed, transparent financials, and open and clear communication. Over the years, the structure of the organization has become rock solid through assembling a highly skilled, dependable, and thoughtful office and management team. On a small, interconnected island, a name and reputation are ultimately built on positive referrals. BKC has grown by focusing on delivering quality work and keeping clients happy.

Our Team

Phil Barker


Meet Phillip Barker, a visionary founding partner with an impressive global project portfolio. His commitment to excellence has left an indelible mark on architecture and construction. Hailing from a background of creativity and innovation, Phillip’s journey began with a clear vision: to elevate building quality while embracing modern design. Throughout his illustrious career, Phillip has overseen captivating projects in Europe, the Maldives, Cook Islands, and Asia, leaving his mark on masterpieces in picturesque landscapes. Beyond his professional endeavors, Phillip is dedicated to fostering collaboration and mentorship within the construction and design community, as well as nurturing emerging talents with his vast knowledge.

Brett Kappelle


Meet Brett Kappelle, a dedicated partner in our esteemed company with a wealth of carpentry and construction management expertise. As a founding partner, Brett plays a pivotal role in our organization’s operations and success, using his sharp management skills to ensure precise and efficient project execution. With a background in carpentry, Brett has honed his craft over the years, becoming a master in working with wood and optimizing procedures for exceptional results. Beyond work, he’s a devoted family man who enjoys hiking and connecting with nature. Brett’s compassionate nature extends to the company’s number one goal of helping our clients’ visions come to life.

Joanna Hall

Office Manager

Joanna is the office manager for Barker Kappelle and is responsible for the overall coordination that allows the company to operate efficiently. With experience as a Project Administrator in the construction industry and as a Sales Manager in the meetings and conventions industry, Joanna brings forth an extensive 10 year administrative and customer service background. Joanna possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Travel Industry Management with a minor in Speech Communication from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In her free time she enjoys hiking, swimming, singing karaoke, and discovering new restaurants.


Darlene Claveria

Administrative Assistant

Darlene is the administrative and accounting assistant for Barker Kappelle, experienced in accounts payable and accounts receivable,  previously mentored by accountants with decades of experience.  Her prior work experience involves working in challenging departments handling heavy workloads which has allowed her to develop tactical procedures and processes to maintain the financial health of any business.  She loves to play the piano, as well as being the best mother for her three children.

Will Gilbert

Senior Project Engineer/Lead Estimator

Will is the lead project engineer at Barker Kappelle, helping manage the day-to-day operations of construction projects. He has six years of project coordinating and engineering experience, which includes working closely with international clients. After graduating Cum Laude with a degree in economics from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint Johns University, Will spent a year teaching economics and coaching swimming at a high school in Newark, NJ. In his free time, Will enjoys camping, buying vinyl records, and wood working. His favorite place to spend a Saturday is Sherwood beach.

Katryn Lods

Project Coordinator/Estimator

Katryn is the Project Coordinator at Barker Kappelle and is thrilled to be working on high-end custom homes in Hawaii. Growing up with family in the construction industry, Katryn followed suit and held an administrative role at her father’s utility company throughout high school and college. There she learned the ropes of the industry, assisted management, and helped coordinate projects in the field. After graduating with a BS in Environmental Management from Ball State University, Katryn accepted a job as a civil project coordinator for a company in Honolulu and then made the switch to Barker Kappelle. Katryn has a passion for construction and design and has enjoyed aiding in the renovation of her own home. In her spare time, she enjoys snorkeling, gardening, and being around animals.

Edmound Ybarra

D.Arch, Associate AIA
Project Engineer/Manager

Edmound has 6 years of Architectural Design experience, with three and a half of those years spent working on custom design build homes. He studied at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where he received a Bachelors in Environmental Design as well as a Doctorate in Architecture. He is skilled in using design programs such as Revit, AutoCAD, and Enscape. Outside of work, Edmound has coached football at Nanakuli High & Intermediate for over 12 years, and in his free time enjoys camping, fishing, diving, and watching movies with his family.

Jay Ekstrom

Master Carpenter

Jay’s 40 years of construction experience has earned him the title of Master Carpenter, with no limits in the creation of custom pieces, such as cabinets and furniture. His grandfather was a Carpenter, so his interest in carpentry began at the early age of 10. He perfected his craft on the job, building high end homes for more than 20 years on Oahu. His attention to detail aligns with BKC’s commitment to excellence. On his free time, Jay enjoys artistic hobbies such as painting, batiking, and sculpting.

Darren Almeida

Master Carpenter

Darren is a highly competent master carpenter with skills in both rough and finish carpentry. His experience dates back over three decades in both commercial and residential projects. His passion for carpentry is demonstrated by the quality of his craftsmanship, as he turns 2D plans into 3D reality. On his free time, he enjoys woodwork projects, indulging in various cuisines, and beautifying his home.

Darian Williams

Field Operations

Darian Williams is a multifaceted individual renowned for his exceptional communication skills. His journey in the construction industry has been characterized by unwavering dedication, a profound skill set, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Clients consistently witness Darian’s proficiency in diverse tasks, ranging from carpentry to material transportation. As the linchpin connecting management and field crews, he serves as the cornerstone of the BKC labor force.Beyond his illustrious accomplishments, Darian embodies a profound and varied persona.

He possesses an abiding passion for spearfishing and upholds a commitment to physical fitness. During his leisure hours, he finds solace in beachside fishing and engaging in outdoor pursuits with his family.


Our experienced and detail-oriented team are experts at solving problems. We go the extra mile to envision your goals, proactively imagine likely challenges or roadblocks, and help create solutions.


Barker Kappelle was created with a mission to help clients achieve their vision. We’re dedicated to fulfilling that promise with exceptional attention-to-detail, quality craftsmanship, and beautiful outcomes.


You can count on Barker Kappelle to deliver exceptional results. We’ve been honored to receive numerous press features and awards for our work over the years and we constantly strive to get better each project.