Hawaii Loa Ridge

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A design duo takes the helm and turns this home into a posh paradise on the edge of the Pacific.

On a cliff high above the Pacific Ocean, with views stretching from Koko Head to Diamond Head, this 20-year-old architectural gem gets polished by homebuilders Barker Kappelle Construction LLC and homeowners Kevin and Jina Auger.

The residence was ideal for the homeowners’ collection of large-scale Asian art and antiques they have gathered over the years. “We really liked the open fl oor plan and the high ceilings throughout the interior,” says Kevin.

Their interest in buying the home increased when they realized it was a Fritz Johnson original. “Fritz designs rooms with very interesting planes, angles or pitches. This was not a square box — and these were not square-box rooms.”

As luck would have it, the Augers found original blueprints for a second story, rolled up in a cupboard. They set about tracking down Johnson, who was delighted to freshen up the architecture 20 years later.



It is a modern, tropical, plantation, Asian-style home. We are not one-dimensional, and neither is this home.” Kevin Auger, homeowner.

“When we found those drawings that showed we could expand to the second level, that was just a home run for us,” says Kevin. “So we made another.”

With a long career in commercial real estate, Kevin is familiar with buying and selling assets, but the part he loved most was the design — so much, that he saw this home as an opportunity to parlay his passion into a new career. “We essentially drove the interior design,” he says. “We had to have very detailed dimensions for all of our furniture, lights and art. It looks great now, but it drove everyone nuts to get it right.”

The Augers recruited Barker Kappelle to come on board to execute their vision. “We felt comfortable they would be able to achieve what we wanted,” Kevin says. “There was compatibility there, based on the design they had incorporated in their other homes. We were able to marry the traditional plantation look we wanted with a modern format and refresh the whole structure architecturally.”



Once demolition began, ReUse Hawaii hauled away more than 93 percent of the home’s original materials. “This was an extensive remodel,” Phillip Barker of Barker Kappelle says. “All the walls and 80 percent of the house were in some way reconfigured, including the floor layout, new window locations, a new roof and structurally supporting the house for the second story.”

Barker Kappelle Construction

Master Class: The homeowners love the 18-foot high ceilings in their master bedroom. “It has a sense of calm to it,” says Kevin. “We wanted to keep it incredibly simple.”

The second-story expansion allowed the homeowners to complete their dream home “wish list,” with dual his and her studies (“a marriage saver that was compulsory,” Kevin jokes) and an exercise room.

Another unique feature: “We installed a complete soundproof media room on the second story,” Barker says. “It was built with a two-inch floating floor to defuse sound and double-studded walls with double the layer of drywall and soundproof glue. It was a fantastic system designed by Fritz.”

The complete roofline was also altered to incorporate a standing seam metal roof. “It is more energy efficient than the original concrete tile roof that was on the house and lends itself to the plantation look that we were after,” Kevin explains.

To complete the look, the Augers added a “plantationstyle” backyard trellis to provide shade, but it was no easy feat, requiring the help of a structural engineer. “The new lanai trellis beam spanned 45 feet,” Barker explains.

Despite the challenge, the Augers are thrilled with the results. “Because the beams are so thick, they create a wonderful shadowing during the day as the sun moves across the sky. It gives us a great transitional space,” Kevin says.

The homeowners are enjoying the transition. “My wife and I have made a decision that for the last stage of your career you should do something di erent that you like,” Kevin says, as they sail onward and settle into their new life.