Hawaii Home + Remodeling – September 2012
by Jenny De Jesus & Tom Kunz. photo by Olivier Koning

Today’s clients are more environmentally conscious. “It’s why we build for the future with less impact on the environment by taking advantage of sustainable resources all around us,” says Kappelle, who has partnered with Barker since opening the business in 2006.

“Not only do our clients love their new spaces, they love knowing that theirs is built with the most innovative products on the market today.”

One trend that is on the way out

Separate “formal” living areas are not a good fit in Hawaii. “With space at a premium here, clients want to maximize every possible inch of living space,” Barker says.

When building, don’t forget

“Plumbing, lighting fixtures and cabinet hardware can set your remodel or new build apart from the rest by adding depth, interest and personal style to even the simplest design,” Barker says.