Recipe for a Dream Kitchen


Recipe for a Dream Kitchen

Hawaii Loa Ridge Remodel

Modern bright and crisp: Hawaii Loa Ridge project by Barker Kappelle Construction

Looking for Inspiration?

Where to start when planning to remodel your kitchen?

We find that every Kitchen Remodel has a unique personality that say a lot about who our clients are. It’s never an identical footprint which makes Remodeling Kitchens interesting and fun.  From “Trophy Kitchens” that say “look but don’t touch”, “Modern Kitchen” that say “welcome and sit”, to “Country Kitchens” that say “get cozy let’s talk”.  What does your kitchen say about you?

Renovating your kitchen can be an exciting journey, but it can also be overwhelming. One of the keys to a successful kitchen renovation is forethought. Take the time to research, plan and find the style that’s right for you before you begin. Picking the perfect paint colors is something that you want to have time to set with. Feeling rushed and needing to make decisions on the spot won’t make this an enjoyable experience. It doesn’t have to be that way if you start planning early.

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen to help your home sell or to create the kitchen of your dreams you’ll need to plan your budget. Starting with high expectations and all of the bells and whistles. Then decide what you definitely will not negotiate on and what you are willing to bend on to bring the cost closer to your budget.

Ok, you’re now ready to hire the team to make all this happen for you. To make your Remodel a success you will need “A good contractor”!

One with integrity and reliability. Who will have references and a good track record. One that will help to keep your budget on track, to give his/her professional opinion that will help with the quality and bring successful results to your project which will help keep your mind at ease. Don’t be afraid to ask if they are licensed, insured and ask for references.


Ok, time to create your own recipe….


  • Check out lots of magazines for ideas on a style that best fits you. For example, or
  • Open, Light, Airy and Warm
  • What is the flow of the kitchen, Master Chef or Master Host?
  • What prominent feature (focal point) will make this kitchen special
  • Special hang-out spot for a small and cozy or large growing family
  • How do you want your work area to flow
  • How will your kitchen greet you with your first cup of coffee in the morning
You will need the following ingredients:       Stir & Mix Ingredients with the following:
Fresh paint A well-established General Contractor (BKC recommended)
Natural Lighting Take an old run-down kitchen
New Cabinets Remove old cabinets, appliance & plumbing fixtures
New Counter Tops Lightly dust all walls with fresh paint
New Flooring Spice up with Frameless European Cabinets
New Appliance Frost with bright new appliances and plumbing
New Plumbing Fixtures Sprinkle on cool and fresh counter tops
Pat down floors with large cool tiles or Wood floors