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Neolith and the Dream Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling with Neolith

The kitchen is a gathering place for family, conversations and of course food! When you’re dreaming of the perfect kitchen, you want a space that looks and feels great, stays clean, and makes cooking as easy as possible. It may seem hyperbole, but the right countertop can make all of those things a little easier to achieve.

Imagine the perfect countertop, not just color but characteristics. It should look great, shouldn’t stain or get discolored, and must be easy to clean. If a countertop could do all that it would be pretty great. What if there was a surface that could do that, plus things you don’t even associate with countertops? Imagine a surface so strong that you can use it as a cutting board without thinking twice about scratches or chipping, one that is heat resistant so you won’t need hotpads, and is safe to eat off of. Neolith is all of those things. While it isn’t naturally occurring, Neolith is made up of all natural components. Clays, feldspar, silica, mineral oxides, and natural pigments are sintered at extremely high pressure and high temperature in a kiln to create a porcelain that is incredibly strong, can be cut super thin, and can be made into large slab sizes.
The natural pigments ensure that the color and appearance of the slab stays the same over time, and isn’t subject to fading or discoloration. In addition, unlike most traditional surfaces it does not stain. It’s nonporous. You can treat it like a porcelain plate that won’t break.
Because Neolith isn’t naturally occurring, unlike stone it is virtually a blank slate for color options, and a variety of pigments can be added with intention to create outstandingly uniform designs.

While countertops are an obvious starting point for Neolith, it can also be used as flooring, and walls.